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Funding the future of small business.

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Simple, intuitive application

Our online process cuts out pages of paperwork and lets us analyze your business and transactional data quickly and securely

Business capital when you need it

Running a business means you never want to let an opportunity slip by. With our easy approvals and proprietary risk analysis we approve more clients at better pricing then our competitors.

Funds directly to your account

Once approved, we deposit funds directly to your business bank account allowing you to prove the Sky really is the limit.

Qualify Quickly Requirements

💡 We know, getting to $15,000 a month in revenue can feel daunting, but if you made it to that benchmark, our analytics tell us you are on your way up (and quickly at that).

💡 We aren't concerned with how big your deposits are, but we like to see at least 5 instances of revenue deposit activity.

💡 Our decisions are transactional, so overdrafts and associated fees should be avoided as much as possible.

💡 We like to see our clients having been in business for 6 months before looking for capital.

💡 We know unsecured cash is tempting but the Sky Score doesn't tend to approve clients who take multiple rounds of financing in a short period of time.

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Why Skyinance?

We aren't just a funding company.

The Sky team knows that getting capital into the hands of our clients is our number one priority, but we asked ourselves: what does truly accessible capital look like?

We envision a future where innovative pricing and collection practices increase capital accessibility for both our clients and our partnerships. A future where technology-driven decision-making builds better business for merchants, brokers, and funders. A future that has already begun.

Proprietary risk analysis

We are risk analysts developing a Sky Score to give clients cheaper capital based on tangible data, not just the rate the guy before you gave.

Better user experience

We are platform developers, building our partners and clients access to exciting data dashboards and up to the minute file updates .

Faster capital delivery

We want your approvals instantly too! Stay tuned as we develop our instant pricing that will generate final and fundable approvals with a few clicks of the mouse.

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